We're Hiring!

We're looking for someone to join our team, as a game host.

It's a pretty sweet job:

  • Greeting players and introducing them to Escape Key
  • Introducing the scenario and answering player's questions.
  • Locking players into handcuffs.
  • Monitoring players during games and providing clues if required (and as allowed by our rules).
  • Resetting the rooms once the games are done.
  • Ensuring everyone has a great time!

Some of our specific requirements:

  • Fluent English.
  • Must be able to get to Escape Key to host games. Note that some of our games end late at night and public transportation may not be available.
  • Basic computer literacy, since a lot of what we do is online.
  • Outgoing, good with people.

We don't have regular operating hours; we're open when there are games booked. This means you have to be flexible about scheduling, but we'll work with you as much as we can. We're expecting you'll be available Friday evenings, and during the day Saturday and Sunday.

If this sounds like it might be the right job for you, drop us a resume at info@escapekey.ca. You'll get bonus points if you include a puzzle in your resume!