Summer Puzzle Hunt

We're turning all of Brantford into a game! We've hidden 5 secret items somewhere in the city. Find one, tell us what you found, and we'll give you a two-player Escape Key gift certificate!

Starting August 12, 2019, we're releasing one clue for one of the hidden items every day. The first person to find the item and message us (email or Facebook) with what they found is a winner.


  1. Keys are located in public and do not require any trespassing or dangerous activities.
  2. Each key can only be claimed once. After you have claimed your prize please remove and dispose of the key and the container.
  3. The first person to find and redeem each key will be awarded one two player gift certificate for an Escape Key game of their choosing. Prizes may not be exchanged for cash.

If you find an item, message us on Facebook at or email

You can share clues and speculate on locations on Facebook or keep it all to yourself. It's up to you!

Good hunting!