Escape Key is a fun night out.

A thrilling experience. 

A great team activity.

Two escapes to choose from: 


Lady Evelyn's Paradox

You’ve been hired to convince Lady Evelyn to sell her family’s research, but she is unwilling. A note warns you not to follow.

Who is Lady Evelyn?  What research?  Where did she go? And, what to do about these handcuffs…

2-8 Players (3-8 on weekends). Easier than Emerald Alert.

Emerald Alert - New!

Tinfoil Tom's gone missing. He was the one filled with the crazy ideas, and now he's gone.

Vanished without a trace from a locked room with no windows. No evidence of a break in, no sign of a struggle. Maybe you can find out what happened?

4-10 Players.  Harder than Lady Evelyn's Paradox.