Escape Key is a Brantford phenomenon.

Started in Brantford in late 2014, thousands of players have tested their skills in our premium escape rooms.

Our current room The Professor’s Will, opened in late 2018.

Our original room was Lady Evelyn’s Paradox, and we recently closed Emerald Alert to make way for something new!


Our games are a fun, highly engaging challenge accessible to all age groups.

Your group of up to 8 players is locked in, with 60 minutes to escape.

It’s a fun night out.
A great birthday party idea.
A top notch team-building exercise.

Escape Key makes a unique gift. 

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"Can You Solve Brantford's First Escape Room?"

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"Can You Find the Escape Key?"

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"This is a must do room for me; it is definitely in my top 5, and it was fun, REALLY really fun!"
Escape Room Addict


Escape rooms, where players are locked in a room they must escape, are a new trend in team-building. Escape Key is a top-rated escape room right here in Brantford.

With Escape Key, your team is locked in and given 60 minutes to solve their way out. Everyone must work together to discover the challenges, brainstorm solutions, divide the work and solve their way out. The puzzles require creative, out-of-the-box thinking.

The game is difficult. It’s challenging. And it’s a lot of fun!

Our first scenario, Lady Evelyn's Paradox, can accommodate up to 8 players. Our second scenario will accommodate up to 10 players. Both games can be run simultaneously, making an event for 18 people in two groups.

A game requires about a 2 hour time slot. One hour for the game, plus some time before for orientation and after for debriefing.

If you have any questions, please contact us at