What is escape key?

That's a great question.  We're an Escape Room, a game where a team of players is locked in a room with 60 minutes to escape. As the clock ticks, you've got to find clues, solve puzzles, and work together to escape. It's a lot of fun!

How do I play?

A large part of the mystery, and really all the fun, is that you don’t quite know what you’re getting yourself into. Your main goal is to escape, and there are some smaller goals along the way. Along the way you will be met with a number of road blocks and barriers in the form of mental challenges that you must use your creativity and skill to complete. You must think fast, because the clock is ticking. You only have sixty minutes.

What does it cost?

Escape Key is $28 per person, plus HST.

Can I pay when I get there?

Sorry, no.  Bookings must be made online.  Click the Booking tab at the top of this page.

What's your phone number?

We don't have a phone at Escape Key. We're only open when we have games booked, and during games we're focused on the games. We do answer email promptly, so please contact us at info@escapekey.ca.

What to wear

We have no dress code, and you’ll be comfortable in whatever you’d like. Some of the ladies on staff recommend the highest heels you’re comfortable in.


Allow about an hour and a half for your visit. We will give you a brief orientation and then a timed period (60 minutes) to play your game.


You will get the most out of the challenges if you are between the ages of 14 and 112. Guests younger than six years of age may find themselves unable to help the group advance through the game, but they will still have fun!

If you have a baby whose brain you’d like to train, it’s never too early to start. Bring the baby along. You won’t be sorry. Unless the baby cries a lot and annoys the rest of your team. But then I suppose that’s your problem, not ours. Carry on.

What if I need to change my booking?

You can add or remove people from your game. Email us at info@escapekey.ca, and we’ll help you out. Note that we need 48 hours notice if you wish to completely cancel your game, or there is a cancellation fee.

How many people should I bring?

Lady Evelyn's Paradox is best with 4 to 8 people. We take bookings for Lady Evelyn's Paradox of groups of 2 to 8 on Monday through Thursday. On the weekends you must have at least 3 people.

Emerald Alert is 4-10 players, and is best with 6 or more.

Can I book both rooms for a larger group?

Yes.  To bring a larger group, you can play both games at the same time. If you book both the 12PM and 12:30PM games, you can all arrive at 12PM and play as one large group (split into two teams, one for each game, up to the player limits for each game). For the later time slots, because of the time it takes to reset after a game, we may not be able to accommodate starting both groups at the same time.

Can I play with just two people?

You can play Lady Evelyn's Paradox with just two people on Mondays through Thursdays. However, this is a game designed for up to 8 people, and you will find it challenging with less than four players.

Why do I need an appointment?

By reserving a special time slot, we ensure that we have the staff needed to run your game and give you our complete attention. Keeping a schedule ensures that your game will not be interrupted for walk-in visitors.

Is there parking available?

We have 3 free parking spots right at our door, and additional free parking is available at the front of the building.

Are you wheelchair accessible?

Yes. The game takes place on one level, and our bathroom is also wheelchair accessible. There is a step curb at the door between the parking lot and the door, and the wheelchair ramp is not near by, so will need a way to navigate the curb.

I'm claustrophobic

While we can't say too much about what happens inside our game, we can say many other players who have warned us of their claustrophobia have played, and nobody's had a problem. Please contact us about accessibility or phobias, and we'll do our best to address your concerns.


Yes, Escape Key is a good time, and a great part of a night out. But please, save the drinking for after the mind-bending puzzle-solving part of your evening.